Vector Media Group


18 West 21st St. 8th Floor,
New York ,
New York,
United States

Agency / Profile

Vector Media Group (VMG) is an interactive digital agency that focuses on meeting clients’ needs by developing integrated strategies that seamlessly combine web development, web design and marketing. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to create websites, mobile apps, and connected device experiences (such as for Apple TV) that are practical, effective, and engaging. Our team strategically approaches projects in a way that aims to integrate the skills and talents found in each of our agency’s departments. This allows us to tackle client challenges from all sides, and to ensure all aspects of our clients’ needs are met. Our marketing team specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and online display advertising. Our award-winning development team expertly builds web-based solutions that are scalable, adaptable to mobile applications, and which utilize the most up-to-date tools. Our design team begins with a ‘design discovery’ phase, working closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their overall goals. The team then crafts a variety of solutions based on our clients’ needs, from sites and apps, to custom logos and branding. These solutions are crafted in a way that they look and work exactly the way our clients want them to, while maintaining a focus on functionality. We work to combine all of these assets to bring our clients the best possible results.